About me

Whether you are looking for a traditional iced wedding cake or the more modern styles of naked or semi-naked and buttercream cakes, I am here to help you find your ideal wedding cake.

If you are just starting out on your wedding planning journey, then I am here to help guide you along the way.

Your cake journey with me

Once you have set your wedding date, get in touch to check availability.  Your wedding cake is important to me, and I want you give all of my attention, so I don’t take on more than two wedding cakes each week.  It is best to email me or use the contact form on the website.

I can establish your basic requirements at this point and provide you with an initial quote.

If you are happy with this, then we can arrange to meet and discuss your wedding cake in full detail and finalise the design.  This is also an opportunity to have a cake tasting session in order for you to try out your flavour choices.  I usually provide a selection of three flavours of cake – and a cup of tea or coffee, naturally!

If you are happy to go ahead at this point, I ask that you pay a deposit to secure a place in my diary for your chosen date.

I will contact you again in the weeks leading up to your wedding date just to check that there are no changes to the design/timings of the day etc.

I will begin the cake making process in the week leading up to your wedding day and will deliver the cake to your venue on the morning of the wedding to set it up in situ.  All you have to do at this point is enjoy your day and eat your cake!

Hand baked

There is really no answer to the question of how much a wedding cake costs! Every cake maker will charge differently and obviously, the cost will depend on how large your cake is and the style and complexity of the design which you settle upon.

A simple semi naked cake will be less expensive than a multi-tiered fondant covered cake adorned with sugar flowers.

As a guide, my three tier wedding cakes start from £300.

A couple’s wedding cake budget will depend upon how important the cake is to them. If you are choosing to have a wedding cake simply because ‘you feel that you should have a cake as your guests expect it’ then you are less likely to want to have it use up a large proportion of your wedding budget. If however, your cake is an integral part of your wedding and it is important to you that it looks sensational and is an integral part of the wedding meal, then you are likely to be willing to spend a larger proportion of your budget on it.

Whichever of these best describes you, I look forward to planning your cake with you and ensuring that you have the most amazing and delicious cake, tailored to your budget. I am happy to provide a no obligation quote for you as you start your cake journey.

Cake sizes & portions

The size of cake that you require will depend on the number of guests at your wedding and when you intend to serve the cake. 

If you are serving the cake with coffee or champagne at the end of the meal, you will probably require smaller pieces than if you are serving it as a dessert.

I base my recommendations on the cake being cut in to 2” x 1” slices.  I make my cakes with three layers per tier, so this is a fairly large serving which could be reduced to 1” x 1” if you require smaller portions.

My cakes are all freshly prepared, which means that they can be frozen should you find yourself with leftovers (as if!)


Most wedding cakes these days are sponge cakes which means that you are able to select a different flavour for each tier, should you wish.

There is a list of flavours in the Flavour section of my website and I will be happy to discuss the options with you.

Likewise, if you have a flavour in mind which is not listed, let me know!

Delivery & Setup

The cost of your wedding cake will include its delivery to and set up at your venue.  I will deliver your cake to your venue on the morning of the wedding and assemble it in situ, adding flowers and decorations as appropriate.  This means that your cake is set up as I envisaged it and that the flowers or decorations are in the correct place and I can leave knowing that I am 100% happy with how it looks and that your wedding co-ordinator knows if there are any elements which are not edible or need to be removed prior to serving.

Most venues provide a cake stand and cake knife, however, I have a small selection of cake stands which you would be welcome to use should you prefer.  I just ask that these are returned to me in the week after the wedding.

Fresh flowers

Many wedding cake designs incorporate fresh or dried flowers which can be matched to your wedding theme.  I am happy to source flowers locally, however, if you would like the flowers on your cake to match those being used in the wedding displays and bride’s bouquet, then I can liaise with your florist and arrange for some flowers to be set aside for the cake.

Please bear in mind that not all flowers are edible or safe to use on cakes, so do check suitability first!

Sugar flowers

Sugar flowers can be made in any colour to match your theme and can provide an alternative to fresh flowers if a chosen bloom is not in season at the time of your wedding or is not available in the colour you are looking for.

It is worth noting that sugar flowers can work out more expensive than using fresh flowers as the work is detailed even an arrangement of two or three flowers can take many hours to create.  However, if stored properly, sugar flowers can be a lasting keepsake from your wedding.